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Marvel Deadpool Cartoon Printing Red pullover sweatshirt

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Deadpool is a Marvel hero,while Wolverine is his enemy.He has something that other superheroes don't have,that is he is humourous and talk-active.He always speak during the fight,which makes the comics/movie more funny.Another characteristic makes his difference: he is aware that he is in comics/movie world.He enjoys that,and he always wants to break the 4th wall to talk with the readers/viewers directly.

classical sayings:Laughter is a natural anesthetic cry but broke our hearts.

Cares more, lost more ... do not ever ask you do not want to know the answer to the problem.

All after we regret is not what we have done, but what else we did not do.

My common sense is tingling

Deadpool is distinctive.Now wear deadpool clothes,join Deadpool Corps to know more about him!

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