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For many ACG fans,computers are nearly the most important and frequently-used items since we Otaku need them for watching anime/movies/Manga or playing games or communicating with hobby friends in the comment section of video websites and forums online. So let me ask you a question:What accessory is brought to your mind when it comes to PC or laptops? Definitely a mouse pad,right?

At this time we will talk about a few mouse pads of LARGE SIZE(60*35cm/70*40cm),which are several times bigger than normal-sized mouse pads and can undoubtedly be used as desk mats(certainly not for a dining table):

1.Fate/Grand Order printed big size mouse pad
Mash Kyrielight:
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Fate/Grand Order is an online free-to-play role-playing game of Fate series.Different from the backaground setting of the Holy Grail War in FSN(Fate/Stay Night)and FZ(Fate/Zero),FGO is about destroying the space-time anomalies and averting predicted human extinction by time travel.Howerever,the settings of relationship of "Master" and "Servant",as well as "Class" of "Servant",like Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Assassin,is also applied in FGO.
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Jeanne d'Arc:
Tamamo no Mae:
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2.Fate/Zero Fate/Stay Night printed big size mouse pad

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3.Naruto printed big size mouse pad

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4.Hatsune Miku Snow printed big size mouse pad

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5.April 2016 anime Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- big size mouse pad
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All the mouse pads above are made of high-quality natural rubber and the printed patterns are clear enough for appreciation.
Warm reminder:These mouse pads will be made after ordered(not goods in stock).

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