Tales of Zestiria the X Introduction

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For now it's in early February and the majority of Winter 2017 animations have released their
third/fourth episode. How many animations do you track in this season?

In today's blog,we will talk about something concerning TOZ(Tales of Zestiria the X).

Adapted from the namesake role-playing game of Tales series,anime TOZ is produced by Ufotable studio,which is known for possessing high-quality animation art production capability and produced the hot anime "Fate/Zero" in 2012. With season 1 premiered in Summer 2016,the second season is currently airing with new OP&ED,and of course new plot.

The protagonist,Sorey,a young man brought up by the invisible spirit race Seraphim (Tenzoku),studies hard at a variety of knowledge and has a dream of revealing ancient mysteries as well as achieving peaceful co-existence between humans and Seraphim. Accompanied by his childhood friend Mikleo,Sorey begins traveling to lands where humans live,take adventures and meet more partners.

If you are interested in this anime,please take a look of the pictures below:

Regular size mouse pad:

(Click TOZ1 to get more information)


Shepherd(Doushi) Sorey's cosplay costume:

(Click TOZ2 to get more information)


Seraph Mikleo's cosplay costume:

(Click TOZ3 to get more information)

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