Any Interest in Anime Backpack&Messenger Bag?

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As we all know,the majority of anime fans and otakus are young students and children,which means most of them need one item as a necessity:school bag.

Just imagine that you wear a backpack or messenger bag with the picture or pattern of an animation you like printed on,walk on the campus lane or the way home after school,while others pass by with a surprised and curious face.I don't know what they will think about at that time but that really feels great to me!

Let's take a look at some and see whether you are interested in any.

Pikachu yellow backpack:

(Click Pikachu1 for more information.)

Pokemon Go black backpack:

(Click Pokemon1 for more information.)

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow backpack:

(Click Bleach for more information.)

Attack on Titan Wings of Liberty black backpack:

(Click AoT for more information.)

Hatsune Miku black backpack:  

(Click Miku for more information.)

Fairy Tail multicolored backpack:

(Click FT for more information.)

Assassination Classroom Korosensei messenger bag:

Click Ansatsu for more information. 

One Piece Straw Hat messenger bag:

(Click OP1 for more informaion.)

Totoro messenger bag:

(Click Totoro for more information.)

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