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ACG Hobby culture has experienced great development along with the prosperity of Japanese anime,manga and game industry.In addition to enjoying certain ACG works only by watching them on TV/the Internet,we also have access to a variety of Hobby products which are nice-looking and faithful to the original image and symbolic meaning of the animations.

This time we will take a look at a few colorful metal jewelry accessories together.

1.Spring 2013 hot anime Attack on Titan key ring/necklace

Wings of Liberty keychain/necklace (Survey Corps) :

green unicorn keychain (Military Police Brigade) :          

red flowers keychain (Garrison Regiment) :

crossed swords keychain (Trainee Squad) :  


(Visit AOT1 for detailed product information)


2.Classic youth anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn Vongola Family guardians ring

(Visit  KHR1 for more relevant information)


3.Popular youth anime Fairy Tail jewelry accessory

Fairy Tail Guild mark embedded artificial  blue diamond pendant key ring/necklace

Lucy Heartfilia Gold Zodiac constellation magic key accessory single key ring

(Visit FT1 for more relevant information)


4.Classic girl's anime Sailor Moon magic wand key ring/phone chain/necklace

(Visit PSSM1 for detailed information)


To know more about all the anime jewelry Hobby we offer,please use the link below:

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