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Most Fall 2016 anime works already finished the release of their last episodes and abundant new Winter 2017 animations are coming soon.At the end of this year,let's give a brief review of a special anime of this season----Occultic;Nine

Adapted from the namesake light novel written by Chiyomaru Shikura,the creater of the 2009 classic science-fiction anime Steins;Gate on the subject of Time Leap, Occultic;Nine tells the story of nine idiosyncratic individuals,getting together and meeting several weird and incongruous things concerning paranormal phenomena,spirits,magic proxy,prophetic dreams,fortune telling and electromagnetic science.
The whole 12 episodes are well made in characters,scenes,plot and music.It's a pity that the last 2 episodes seemed a little fast-paced and didn't reveal all the doubts.Anyway though,Occultic;Nine is still a great anime of Fall 2016.
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