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Are you a Japanese anime fan? Have you watched the figure skating animation YURI!!! on ICE,which is popular when released from Oct.to Dec. this year and just ended on Dec,23? If you are and you have,we believe you are not unfamiliar with the sports coats below: 

The coats are what the three main characters Yuuri Katsuki(middle),Yuri Plisetsky(left) and Victor Nikiforov(right) wear for leisure time in the animation.

Yuuri Katsuki's sportswear:


Yuri Plisetsky's sportswear:


Victor Nikiforov's sports wear:


Especially to deserve to be mentioned,a young female Russian figure skater,Evgenia Medvedeva,as an anime fan,also likes YOI and showed her affection on the Internet:

After watching Yuuri's Eros performance in Episode 3:


Wearing Yuri Plisetsky's sportswear(as a Russian) :




Besides the classic sports coat,here we also have some other YURI relevant product:
Cosplay wig:


Yuri Plisetsky's tiger head pattern black pullover:

Mouse pad:

Phone case:


Key ring:



Round badge bag accessory:

Square cushion:


If you are interested in what's above,please click "anime" in home page and choose the last one "Yuri on Ice" of "Tagged" or just use the link: https://www.icoshero.com/collections/anime/yuri-on-ice

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